I am an American composer, songwriter, musician, and artist based in Eastern Pennsylvania. My music reflects my passion for modern synthesizers and classical orchestral sounds and the unique fusion they create together.

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Below is a selection of some of my music in varying styles


Tranquility & Anarchy
Release Date: May 27 2023
The tracks on "Tranquility Anarchy" range from a more traditional film score style, to industrial sounds you might find in a cyberpunk setting, all the way to ambient drones.

Being a fan of Sci-Fi, many of the tracks take inspiration from some of my favorite works, either film or book. Several tracks on the album were directly inspired by a table top RPG adventure called "Kinless." It's a solo viking adventure designed by my friend Chris Williams of Explore Dungeons. The "Kinless" inspired tracks on the album are written to be used along with the game, but aren't part of the game directly.*

*"Kinless" is property of Explore Dungeons, LLC.

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Key to Orion
Release Date: March 19 2021
"Key to Orion" is a companion album for my Cyberpunk-themed short story of the same name. The album's 13 tracks blend elements of cinematic score with aggressive industrial EDM to tell the story of a cybernetic-implanted brother and sister navigating the criminal underworld of the abandoned ruins of future Philadelphia.

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